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Interview: Luis NCT

03 Nov 2014

Next in our interview series is another great artist from Valencia, Luis NCT. Luis is illustrator, comic-book artist and writer: he published Sleepers on 2012 and has worked on RPG and videogame projects, collaborating with very known productions as The Legend of Five Rings RPG or Fantasy Rivals.

Luis NCT

How did you get into the world of illustration/comic books?

I knew I wanted to work on this since I was in school. I made my first comics, illustrations when playing RPG's with friends, etc. I was also attracted to the art world, not just the nerdy stuff, but I thought it could be profitable (and enjoyable) to work on sci-fi and fantasy illustration. I'm afraid I was wrong, because in these kind of projects the time spent and the retribution are not always aligned. And above all, my first and last passion are comic-books.

Which type of project makes you feel most comfortable and motivated?

Aside from personal projects and post-apocalyptic stuff, the two fields where I'm most comfortable is illustration around musical or medieval fantasy themes. Anyways, there are always those times that you got to hate your own work and feel like changing careers to something more useful, forestkeeper for example! Nature illustrations are also very relaxing, by the way.

You have worked in editorial projects both in Spain and in United States. What is it like? Are there many differences between both markets?

You can find both good and bad stories in both places. Outside Spain everything is a bit more professional and cold, and money & contract stuff is way more transparent. In Spain there are many legal vacuums in the illustration profession, no regulation, and the State even forbids Proffesional Associations from publishing recommended fees for the most common works. Is not a matter of markets, but of having serious government and laws.

Luis NCT

We know you are a great lover of Science Fiction: do you think comic is in better position to connect with this genre than other formats?

I believe comic is the format with most possibilities for narrative duties. There are infinite ways of telling a story through comic, and so few limitations, that any genre can become a masterpiece in a comic.

What good (and bad) things do you feel the Internet and the new technologies have brought to the illustrator profession?

The Positive side: easy communication between authors, editors, managers, etc. Also, you can find information and document yourself on any subject you need. Internet breaks the wall between author and public, and gives you the chance to be aside from the industry without stopping your production (webcomic, crowdfounding)

The Negative side: the oversaturation of information and the repetition of the common places. How many more illustrations of the Ninja Turtles does the Internet need?

And last, but not least: any advice for aspiring illustrators just starting up their careers?

Never stop working on personal projects (and I mean real personal projects, not fanart to give free promotion to Marvel, Disney or HBO), because every person is unique and if she is able to communicate her vision through art, something is lost to everyone if she doesn't.

Another advise: on work matters, always keep the distance between artist and client. That can save you from a lot of dissapointing situations or wasting time.

¡Thanks a lot, Luis!

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