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Illustrator Interview: Paula García

28 Apr 2015

In today's interview, we talked with Paula García. Paula is a designer and illustrator, and a PRO customer from Drawfolio. Paula has developed a unique style that easily connects with the public, and she sells a lot of products with her designs and illustrations on a variety of online platforms. She will be giving us some advice on how to be successful on that.

Paula García

How did you got into design and illustration?

I always liked drawing since I was a kid, and although it seemed I would end studying Fine Arts at College, I really got into computers that finally got me into Graphic Design.

During my degree I got in contact with illustration but didn't discover that it could become a profession for me until years later.

You achieved something very difficult, which is having a unique style while keeping it versatile and accessible. How did you got there? What does inspire you?

To achieve that style I had to walk through tons of different ones! Pieces by me from two or three years ago seem like they were done by a different person.

The way I draw now it's a mix brewed from trying a lot of different styles for a long time, and sticking to one where I was comfortable and didn't feel like changing (a lot).

TV shows (more even than films), music and videogames are a great inspiration for me and got into the way I illustrate for sure.

Paula García

We know heavy metal is an important part of your life and work. How do you think music and illustration are related to each other?

Music is definitely very important to me, as it is for a lot of people. In the end, this always influences you in some way. Sometimes you are listening to a track while drawing and you can't help evoking a scene that ends into your illustration, counciously or not. A lot of the illustrations from my final degree project were made that way.

Besides doing freelance work, you sell products with your designs (shirts, badges, etc) on a variety of online platforms. Is it possible for an illustrator to earn extra income that way? Any advise to illustrators beginning their way with that business model?

It is definitely a great opportunity to earn income that way. I would recommend to have profiles on the main online platforms such as Redbubble, Camaloon, T-agged, Society6 and constantly updating them with new projects. It can be months until you get your first sales, but if you keep pushing they will grow eventually.

Paula García

Which role do social networks and personal projects play when building your own personal brand

Social networks are a must for getting yourself known and create job opportunities. It is a job itself because you really have to invest a lot of time on promoting yourself, but it really pays off. Working on personal projects when you got downtime helps make your portfolio better and improving your style.

And last, but not least: any advice for aspiring illustrators just starting up their careers?

I'm a bit pessimistic sometimes, and the best advice I was given was to be patient and don't feel down if I didn't see inmediate results. If you think your work is good, be confident and start showing it everywhere. Build a website, a Facebook page, a blog... you don't know where the great opportunities are going to come from!

Thanks a lot Paula!

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