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Interview with Artists: Berta Llonch

25 Jan 2016

We met Berta Llonch on Ilustrisima 2015 an we were instantly amazed by her work, so we didn't want to pass on the opportunity to interview her for our blog. Berta is an artists based on Madrid who published her first illustrated album in 2013 and has been combining work on illustration, fine art and mural painting since then.

Berta Llonch

How did the road began for you to get into art and illustration?

I always knew I wanted to work on the art world. Feeling a need to draw, paint and create is something that will always lead you towards that path. I feel like I never left the art world, rather than I ended in it. I wouldn't and couldn't leave!

You work simultaniously in several fields: fine art, illustration and mural painting. Is it hard trying to get those different worlds together?

No, not at all. Actually, the opposite happens. When you combine a diverse range of work (mural painting, fine art, illustration) you are constantly improving them. Working on a large, 15 meters format, and then working with markers on an A4 next week, helps me to open myself to a broad field where I can develop any kind of project.

I used to be concerned that versatility could make what I do more difficult to understand for the public. But once I stopped thinking lik that, I felt free to work on what I wanted on a diversity of fields, and without labeling myself as painter, muralist or illustrator. I'm an artist, and that means being versatile and work on any field you need to develop your art.

Berta Llonch

Where do you find inspiration for your work, and how do you melt your sources of inspiration to create a unique style like yours?

My inspiration comes from everything that's happening around me. The people near me, the new people I meet, the light of that day, or that city, or that item, or that color, or maybe a feeling or something that happened. I love beauty and I love looking for it in the nature of things. I'm interested in all the things (until they stop interesting me!). Everything has a story to tell: moments, people, objects.. but it must be authentic. The art you work with has also a very personal way to tell those stories.

What good (and bad) things do you feel the Internet and the new technologies have brought to art and illustration?

It is a huge showcase to show your work to the world. New technologies have been a big help in my career. They also allow me to know millions of art platforms, new opportunities and new artists.

And last, but not least: any advice for aspiring artists just starting up their careers?

My only advice would be to enjoy what they do, that's the most important thing.

Thank you Berta!

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