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Visiting Marseille with CHEBEC program

14 Oct 2019

As we told you in our last post, during this last September we did two international trips (to Marseille and Colombia). Today, we will tell you a bit about the first one, which we did under CHEBEC program.

Project Chebec (Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural Sector) is funded by European Union Interreg MED's fund, and supports Cultural and Creative Indutries's access to new markets while keeping their own identity, with the final aim to favor MED clusters (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, or Serbia) attractiveness for creative people.

Drawfolio has been one of the chosen projects for this program in Valencia, where EconCult (Area of Research in Economics of Culture from the Faculty of Economics of University of Valencia) is one of the partners of the european project. During this year, we have been attending a course about internationalization and european funding.

Visiting Marseille with CHEBEC program

During the program, 3 mobility events are held (Sevilla, Marsella, and Bologna), where some of the projects in the program are put together to network between them and with cultural actors from the host city. We were one of the selected projects to go from Valencia to Marseille mobility event, along with PhotOn Festival, Barret Cooperativa, La Cosecha, Russafa Escénica, Ikebanah Producciones, and Saltarinas.

During the 3 days where "Culture makes the world go round : rencontres professionnelles" (the mobility event in Marseille) took place, we had some activities aimed to do networking and find potential collaborators with the other 40 CCI projects from the various regions, and also some talks from the Chebec partners and European Union's Interreg MED fund.

Visiting Marseille with CHEBEC program

The place where the mobility event was stunning: La Friche Belle de Mai. A former tobacco factory, La Friche is one of the most vibrant culture centers in Marseille and France. The space is huge, with various large exhibition rooms, theaters, rehearse rooms, concert halls, restaurants, a book shop, a skate park, and office and workshop spaces for nearly 70 cultural organizations. Among them is AMI (Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices), one of the chebec's partners.

We also had the chance to visit other cultural spaces in the city. We were lucky enough to get a exclusive guided tour on Marseille's FRAC (Contemporary Art Regional Fund). We could appreciate the architeture of Marseille's FRAC building, and see all the current exhibitions (there is no permanent collection at the FRACs), discovering interesting artists such as Cristof Yvoré or Nicolas Daubanes.

Visiting Marseille with CHEBEC program

They where 4 pretty busy days, but we discovered Marseille as a vibrant city full of artistic and creative initiatives, with significant players. We got to meet lots of visual, scenic, and music arts projects from Barcelona, Sevilla, Évora, Bolonia, Roma, Lyon, Marsella, and Sarajevo. The CHEBEC program keeps on: right now, we are on the mentoring phase, in order to build our internationalization plan. We'll keep you posted!

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