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We are launching our first Virtual Exhibition

15 Apr 2020

As you may have read in our social media, before the COVID19 pandemic we were planning to be with a stand in 2020 Bologna's Children Book Fair. In our stand, we were also working to do a small illustration expo showcasing work by our PRO Customers.

With lockdown and the mass cancellation of events (the Bologna Children Book Fair included) began, we wanted to look for alternatives to thank the effort and interest of the PRO Customers that applied to the expo call we did. And then we though: Could we possibly build a Virtual Exhibition on the Internet? Of ourse we could!

Thanks to the Kunstmatrix plaform, we build this Virtual Exhibition that you can visit and explore in your browser, and that will be online until end of June.

To "walk" trough the exhibition room, you can just use the arrow keys (WASD keys also), and point-and-drag with your mouse to change the viewpoint. To see each illustration closer and find more info about the artist, just click on the piece. If you can't see the embedded expo in this post, you can also visit it at Kunstmatrix.

And if you like this expo, share it so more people can see it!

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