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Better Spam protection with Akismet

15 Feb 2017

As you know if you upgraded your account to PRO plan, one the available features is having your own contact form in your portfolio website. This makes things really easy for people to contact you, but it also has some risks: it makes possible for spammers to send you undesired messages, too.

We are always working on the technical side to make things hard for spammers, and today we are integrating Drawfolio with Akismet, one of the best spam detection platforms, which is widely used on the Internet, specially on sites using the Wordpress platform.

You also have a "Spam" folder on "Messages", where you can see the messages Akismet did automatically classify as Spam, and mark other spam messages you could have on your Inbox (or do the other way around, in case of false positives).

Better Spam protection with Akismet

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