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Privacy Policy for your website

11 Jun 2018

As you'll know after lots of email, the new European General Data Protection Regulation became mandatory a few days ago. Lots of our users did ask us if they had to do something about that on their portfolio websites. Although we are not legal experts, we are writing this blog to help you get informed about GDPR:

If you have a Drawfolio free acount, no action at all is required. In the regular, free portfolio websites at Drawfolio no personal data from visitors is captured. We do use cookies to analyse traffic and visits, but that is covered by our own privacy policy.

If you are subscribed to PRO Plan, but you didn't enable the contact form in your portfolio website, no action is required, as you are in the same situation described above.

If you are subscribed to PRO Plan and enabled the contact form in your site, then you'll notice we made some changes to comply with regulation. To contact with you through the form, people now have to enable this checkbox accepting your privacy policy.

Privacy Policy for your website

And where can you edit the privacy policy for your site?. You'll see now a new item in the left menu of Drawfolio administration page: "Terms and Privacy". You can edit your privacy policy there. As you'll see, we already pregenerated one in spanish for you, and are currently working in an english version of it. It'll come soon!

Privacy Policy for your website

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

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