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Interview with Illustrators: Coté Escrivá

08 Jul 2016

We are pleasured to bring you an interview with a talented artist from our very home town, Valencia: Coté Escrivá. Coté is designer and illustrator, has a unique style influenced by animation, street art, or tattoos, and he puts it in action on both comissions and personal projects. He has also has showed his solo exhibition Stolen Icon in UK and Spain.

Interview with Illustrators: Coté Escrivá

Tell us a bit about yourself: How did the road began for you to get into art and illustration?

Well, for those who don't know me, I'm a designer and illustrator. I really started as a graphic designer, but I gradually became disillusioned with the profession and my interest in illustration grew. I began practicing, trying new ideas and posting them in social networks. People liked them and I got the chance to show my work on exhibitions, magazines and blogs. And that brought my first customers!

You work simultaniously in several fields: graphic design, illustration, street art, or even sculpture. Do you think is important to do diverse work, or would you like to focus more on some field?

I don't do it because I think it's important to diversify, I do it because I enjoy it a lot! I get bored if I have to do the same thing again and again. I love all these disciplines, so I try to devote time to all of them.

In "Stolen Icon", your solo exhibition, you explore popular culture through unexpected "remixes" of mass-public visual icons that everyone knows. Could you tell us more about the birth of this project, and how did it became a reality?

I think it's important to have a starting point when producing pieces for an exhibition. I had already seen artists like D*Face or Banksy using this approach in their creations. Actually, it's kind of "fashionable" to do this kind of remixes, specially abroad, and I really wanted to do my own version of it. I always try to create powerful, strong illustrations, and using very known visual icons helps with that and is lots of fun.

Interview with Illustrators: Coté Escrivá

Where do you find inspiration for your work, and how do you melt your sources of inspiration to create a unique style like yours?

I do get inspiration from other artists I find interesting. I actually spend a lot of time looking for images on instagram, facebook, or blogs. I also buy a lot of comics and books. I get a lot of inspiration from the street: urban art and graffiti really draw my attention. Any detail can be an inspiration: a pattern, a drawing, or people's clothes.

What good (and bad) things do you feel the Internet and the new technologies have brought to your field?

I think we get more positive things from it, rather than negative. You can reach in a cost-efficient way to loads of people. Barriers seem not to be there anymore, and it's easy to collaborate with people all over the world.

The bad side of it is how fast we consume art now: you feel the pressure to keep demonstrating you are relevant. If you don't post anything, you are good as dead, and I don't like that. Internet has accelerated everything, and sometimes I find it difficult do disconnect and get things quiet.

And last, but not least: any advice for aspiring illustrators and graffiti writers just starting up their careers?

Be perserverant, success doesn't come overnight. It comes from working and insisting again and again. I've done a lot of jobs and learnt something from every single of them. Try to grow as a professional and as a person, learn from people around you, learning to listen, and always enjoy the moment!

Thank you Coté!

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