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Little fixes and what's next in Drawfolio

20 Oct 2014

After releasing two new templates last month, (Pollock and McCay), we have been working on fixing little details that improve the experience of using Drawfolio:

  • Mark pending messages as read: If you got a lot of pending messages and you already looked them up at your email inbox, now you can batch-mark them as read with the "Mark messages as read" link in the "Messages" section.

  • Better protection against image saving at browsers: We also prevent picture saving by dragging from the browser, if you had "Forbid copying pictures with CTRL+C and right button click" enabled at your portfolio website.

  • Better anti-spam protection: We used some non-intrusive techniques on your portfolio's contact form to prevent spammers, whithout having your visitors to fill one of those infamous Recaptchas!

  • Better blog support: We improved the blog feed integration to support more formats.

  • Progress bar on background picture upload: The upload process of a background picture to your site is easier and finally has a progress bar of its own.

The cloud under control

We also want to tell you about the big features we are woking on next. We really think one of the most important things we can help you on is getting more control of the cloud:

  • We are working to integrate Drawfolio with other services like Facebook, instagram, flickr or pinterest, so you can save time uploading works to Drawfolio and automatically get them uploaded to your other profiles on the Internet. This is interesting the other way around, too: having your portfolio website synced with a folder in your Dropbox, for example.

  • We are going to improve the analytics section a lot more, so you can have a quick glimpse in a very visual way of which of your works is getting more attention, and through which channels.

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

Illustration: Hallie Bateman

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