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Save money and get your website ready to impress at Bologna Fair

09 Mar 2015

If you work on illustration, you know Bologna's International Book Fair for sure. If you are coming this year, you already spent one or two months on preparing all your interviews you'll have there with editors and book publishers.

Having a professional portfolio website is the best weapon you can have to make those interviews become client work. Editors and publishers are going to talk with hundreds of illustrators during 3 days, and having a professional website where you can communicate a professional image and differentiate from others is key. With editors looking at so much illustration in such a short time, it is urgent to be remarkable.

But it's less than a month for Bologna's fair! If you are going and don't have a portfolio website yet, do not worry: you've got enough time. With Drawfolio you can build your own portfolio website in a few minutes, with no programming skills and with your own .com domain name. And we are doing a 20% discount in our PRO plan until Bologna's Fair begins.

Even if you are not coming to the Fair this year, we are doing you the discount anyway. Now it's the perfect time to begin building your portfolio website, create opportunities and conquer the Fair next year.

20% discount

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