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Stores now in private beta

02 Jul 2015

One of the things that would appear again and again on our conversations with our PRO customers was the chance to have a personal shop on the portfolio website they had built with Drawfolio. You are may using already some services like etsy or bigcartel to sell your illustration originals or prints, but profiles on these sites are not customizable at all, and your competition is just actually a few clicks away from your profile. Having your store and portfolio in the same website, with your our own .com domain can help to boost sales, make your personal brand stronger and save you time.

Stores now in private beta

That's why we put some weeks of work on this, and we are happy to announce we are launching Stores in private beta. As we usually do, we worked on a minimal prototype to have people work with it as soon as possible, and fit our solution to your specific problems.

We are going to accept invites to the private beta on a regular basis, and you can request one filling this survey. We are designing different combinations of a monthly fee + % of each order for the stores services, but as long the beta endures we will only charge you a 2% from each order you receive.


For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

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