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Subpages and store improvements

03 Aug 2015

Even in August, we made time between visits to the beach to keep improving Drawfolio. This time we bring small featues which arised from conversations with you, specially from the users who are trying our stores beta right now.

By the way, if you are still interested on trying out our Stores Beta, we still have room for you! Fill in this survey and we will send you an invitation.

So, without further ado, here are the improvements:

  • Subpages: Now pages support a two-level hierarchy, just like Galleries do. Go edit a page and select its parent page, easy!


  • Enable and disable store products: Some times hiding a product temporarily without deleting it can be useful. Actually, when you have order data with that product, making a "hard delete" of that product can be dangerous. That's why all products can be disabled and enabled anytime.

Enable and disable

  • Generated SKU: The SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is an internal code most e-commerces use to identify a product, so the name or description of it can change in time. You can set the SKU you want for the products of your store in Drawfolio, but if you don't want to think one for each product we will automatically generate one from the name of the product.

  • Optional stock control: Until now, all products in a store had stock control, but we found out that some users on our stores beta are using their shop to sell services or comissions that have to be payed up front. Stock control does not make sense for this kind of items, so now you can enable or disable stock control for each product whenever you want.

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

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