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We are launching STORE plan

19 Oct 2015

After some months of Private Beta, we are glad to announce we are launching the STORE Plan of Drawfolio. For 5$/month plus 2% of the payments received, you can have your own e-commerce cart, products and order management in the portfolio website you built with Drawfolio, and receive payments with paypal. STORE Plan is the most simple way to sell your original work, prints, or anything you want through you current website.

We are launching STORE plan

As you need to already be in the yearly PRO plan, you can subscribe and cancel your STORE plan whenever you want, and pay only for the months you really need an e-commerce cart in your site.

If you were one of the users invited to the Stores Beta, your settings and products remain unchanged, but the store won't appear on your site. Just subscribe to the STORE plan with a couple of clicks, and everything will be working again as usual.

We also wrote a page in our help section with the most common questions and doubts about the Stores. Make sure you checked it!

We are launching STORE plan

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

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