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Celebrating 10 Years of Drawfolio with Discounts

08 Apr 2024

A day like today 10 years ago, on April 8, 2014, Drawfolio's private beta ended, and we officially launched to the public.

On our launch day, this is how our website looked (featuring art by our PRO Pere Devesa).

Home in 2014

Back then, Drawfolio was still quite limited as a product, and over the years, continuous improvements have been made, from small features that you now use every day, the STORE extra, Discover Artists and its search engine, Likes, SSL and Email Extras, Digital Downloads in stores, or many more things.

In addition to improving the product steadily, we have also brought [many artists to the blog]https://blog.drawfolio.com/entrevistas/2020/03/18/stay-home-all-our-interviews.html), organized events, spoken at numerous talks, and been present at events like Ilustratour, Ilustrafic, Blendiberia, several editions of Ilustrísima ABC, several editions of Ilustrasal, Dibumad, Baba Kamo, even to Marseille and Colombia, and also organized expos and virtual expos, and a good list of webinars y charlas online.

Whether you're on the free plan or have been PRO for years, we want to thank you for accompanying and supporting us on this journey. Drawfolio wouldn't have been possible without you!

Now more than ever, at a time when large corporations are deploying AI technologies that appropriate the work of artists without compensation and contribute to further precariousness, we reaffirm our deep admiration and respect for illustration and graphic professionals, and in our original mission: to solve the headaches of illustration professionals through technology, helping them grow their careers.

For people who are not yet on the PRO plan, we want to celebrate these 10 years by doing something we do a lot: an offer! But this time, we're going all out, and from today, April 8, 2024, until April 21, 2024 (both inclusive), you get a 50% discount on your first year of the PRO Plan.

Thanks again, and here's to many more years!

Celebrating 10 Years of Drawfolio with Discounts

Photo from the banner: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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