Thumbnail crop editing and better video support

08 Jul 2014

Hi there! It has only been a week since the last time we added new features to Drawfolio, but we didn't stop there! This week we are making live two small but useful features that a lot of users have been demanding us:

  • Edit picture thumbnail cropping: After uploading a picture to a gallery, now you can edit the thumbnail cropping area to make sure it looks great when listing the pictures of a gallery in your portfolio. Just click the link "Edit Picture Thumbnail Crop" when editting a picture, or in pictures you can upload in the "Information" or "Appearance" section.

    Edit thumbnail crop

  • Better video support: We are supporting more web video providers apart from youtube. Now you can link a picture to videos from vimeo, blip, hulu, sapo, qik, metacafe and a bunch of other sites, in addition to youtube. Remember that you can link a video to a picture enabling "Show a video in this picture detail" in the Edit Picture form.

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at

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