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Celebrating 10 Years of Drawfolio with Discounts

08 Apr 2024

A day like today 10 years ago, on April 8, 2014, Drawfolio's private beta ended, and we officially launched to the public.

On our launch day, this is how our website looked (featuring art by our PRO Pere Devesa).

Home in 2014

Back then, Drawfolio was still quite limited as a product, and over the years, continuous improvements have been made, from small features that you now use every day, the STORE extra, Discover Artists and its search engine, Likes, SSL and Email Extras, Digital Downloads in stores, or many more things.

In addition to improving the product steadily, we have also brought [many artists to the blog], organized events, spoken at numerous talks, and been present at events like Ilustratour, Ilustrafic, Blendiberia, several editions of Ilustrísima ABC, several editions of Ilustrasal, Dibumad, Baba Kamo, even to Marseille and Colombia, and also organized expos and virtual expos, and a good list of webinars y charlas online.

Whether you're on the free plan or have been PRO for years, we want to thank you for accompanying and supporting us on this journey. Drawfolio wouldn't have been possible without you!

Now more than ever, at a time when large corporations are deploying AI technologies that appropriate the work of artists without compensation and contribute to further precariousness, we reaffirm our deep admiration and respect for illustration and graphic professionals, and in our original mission: to solve the headaches of illustration professionals through technology, helping them grow their careers.

For people who are not yet on the PRO plan, we want to celebrate these 10 years by doing something we do a lot: an offer! But this time, we're going all out, and from today, April 8, 2024, until April 21, 2024 (both inclusive), you get a 50% discount on your first year of the PRO Plan.

Thanks again, and here's to many more years!

Celebrating 10 Years of Drawfolio with Discounts

Photo from the banner: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Redirector with SSL for Whatsapp

06 Feb 2024

As you know, in 2020 we launched Extra SSL, as the PRO Plan does not include HTTPS (Secure Web) with an SSL certificate. This does not mean that your Drawfolio website has security issues; it simply means that the communication between the visitor's browser and our server is not encrypted.

For most portfolio websites, this does not pose any risk because we are simply showcasing our graphic work, and the visitor is not entering personal data. However, for websites with the STORE Extra, where there is a purchasing process, we do recommend having the SSL Extra.

Redirector with SSL for Whatsapp

Therefore, if you are on the PRO plan but do not have SSL Extra, you know that you cannot link to your website with https:// on front of your domain, but rather with http:// (without the S). This way, the browser knows not to use HTTPS to reach the website. This poses no further problems, but at the end of last year, we noticed that WhatsApp is forcing HTTPS on all externals links, even if http:// is explicitly written in the address.

Obviously, Extra SSL resolves any issues associated with this, but we wanted to come up with solutions for those who do not want or cannot subscribe to Extra SSL. One possible option is to link to the provisional address of your website: as it is of the style of, it will not cause any issues.

However, this option, while functional, is unsatisfactory as it does not display your .com domain, and in a way, dilutes your personal brand. That's why we have built a redirector with which you can link your Drawfolio website without SSL on WhatsApp, and it at least includes part of your domain in the address.

How does it work? You just have to link to followed by your domain (without http://). For example:


You can also link directly to a specific page on your website, for example:

With this, we ensure that websites without their SSL can function when linked from WhatsApp or any platform that forces external links to HTTPS, for whatever reason.

If you need to find the redirector address later, you will also find it in the new section "Your URL addresses" of your Drawfolio admin panel.

If you have subscribed to SSL Extra, you don't need any of this: you will have your own SSL certificate on your domain, and you will have no problems in this regard.

As always, we remind you that for any issues or questions, you can contact us on uservoice or by writing to [email protected].

Most liked artists in 2023

18 Dec 2023

2023 is nearly over! All the team at Drawfolio wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy new year 2024. As as we did last year, we want to show you the artists with the most liked pictures and works in Drawfolio in 2023.

Also, here are our Instagram best Nine. The artists and events, from left to right, and top to bottom, are:

  1. @elizabethsillustration -
  2. @arteriasdeneon -
  3. @patridepeter -
  4. Nuestra intervención en video previa a la Jornada de Capitalización del Proyecto Chebec
  5. @belhicca.illustration -
  6. @lunalag_ -
  7. @jessicapiqueras -
  8. @jessicapiqueras -
  9. @maiegurza -

Most liked artists in 2023

BLACK FRIDAY: -50% until Sunday

24 Nov 2023

It's that time of the year: once again, we are doing our traditional BLACK FRIDAY sales!

From today until the end of next sunday 27 of November, your first year of PRO plan for new subscriptions will have a 50% off: 27€ + v.a.t. instead of 65,34€ + v.a.t.

Go grab your plan PRO while the sales lasts!

BLACK FRIDAY: -50% until Sunday

Summer Sales: -20% on first year of your PRO Plan

07 Jul 2023

¡July just began, and so did our summer sales!

From this day until next 31 of August 2023, you can have a 20% discount on your first year of PRO Plan, to make it easier for you to have a great portfolio website that will get you opportunities and new customers.

You don't need to do anything special: the first year of all PRO plans will just cost 43,20€ + VAT instead of 54€ + VAT.

Don't wait any longer, and use this summer pause to get a great portfolio website!

Summer Sales: -20% on first year of your PRO Plan

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