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Most liked artists in 2022

21 Dec 2022

2022 is nearly over! All the team at Drawfolio wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy new year 2023. As as we did last year, we want to show you the artists with the most liked pictures and works in Drawfolio in 2022.

Also, here are our Instagram best Nine. The artists and events, from left to right, and top to bottom, are:

  1. @danielmedinailustracion - www.danielmedinaillustration.com
  2. @alidelreyilustra - www.alidelrey.com/
  3. @jornades_ilustracio_valencia
  4. @celialeo_ - http://www.celialeo.com & @dystopianotter - www.mariald.com en @jornades_ilustracio_valencia
  5. @soyjorgecha - www.jorgecha.com
  6. @evadelaserra - www.evadelaserra.com
  7. @eva.cemborain - www.evacemborain.com
  8. @jbeltran_illustration - www.jbeltran.es
  9. @drawii_Art - www.drawfolio.com/es/portfolios/drawiiart

Most liked artists in 2022

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