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Meet the first users in our Stores Beta

13 Aug 2015

Some weeks ago, we launched our Stores Beta. Most of the first users who were invited to it have already set up their shops and products, and we made a little selection of some of them so you can experience what can be done with the stores in Drawfolio.

If you want to give it a try, we still have room for you!. Just fill in this survey and we will send you an invitation.

Paula García

On Paula's shop you will find undead bags, prints where the winter is coming, y and mugs featuring the most fabolous four from Britain.

Bolita de pelo

Susana sells postcards and posters where nature is illustrated. You will find from whales to dogs!

María Arencibia

Maria has everything: bags, mugs, badges, bookmarkers, bag hangers... Her Geisha-Cat is among our favourites.

Carlos Hebles

Carlos sells original art pieces where he visually explores his home city of Granada with a unique style.

La Chica de la cinta

Lara, better known as La Chica de la Cinta (spanish for The Ribbon Girl) sells illustrated bags and notebooks. The perfect combo to start a journey in search of inspiration!

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