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STORE Plan improvements: sorting and pictures in products

17 Nov 2015

Even after releasing STORE plan, we are working to improve it bit by bit. We already got some PRO users who also subscribed STORE plan, and through conversations with them we keep working on improvements such as the ones released today.

We also enabled all PRO users to try STORE plan for free. If you are in PRO plan, you will see now the "Store and Products" section in the left bar menu. You can setup your store and manage your products there. In order to start receiving orders and your online store to show at your website, you still have to subscribe STORE Plan (only 5$ per month).

And now, the improvements we have been working on:

  • Sorting products: You can now sort products in the same way you can sort galleries, pictures and pages.

  • More pictures in products: In addition to the product main picture, you can now upload any number of pictures you want to a product and sort them out, just like you do in galleries.

More pictures in products

For any doubt, question, suggestion or problem, please contact us at uservoice or write us at [email protected].

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